Shinichiro Takahashi

― The owner of Ten Sushi

Shinichiro was born and raised in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. He has 25-years experience as a sushi chef. His career started as a part-time employee in a major sushi chain restaurant in Japan, and he got promoted step by step with his massive efforts. While he was working there, he learned literally everything about sushi. Finally, in 2013, he became the owner of Ten Sushi.

Jesus Mendosa

― Sushi Chef

Jesus is originally from Michoacan, Mexico. He is a single father with two kids. He decided to make sushi for his sons and became a sushi chef 16 years ago. He has been working with Shinichiro since he started his career as a chef.  His dream is having his own sushi restaurant in the future, and he brushes up on his skills every single day.

Kazumasa Taura

― Sushi Chef

Kazu was born in Japan. His career in the US started 15 years ago, and he has experienced many type of jobs in seafood industry. His broad knowledge of seafood is incomparable with anyone’s. He’s been trying to develop new menus since he came to Seattle in 2013. He’d like every customer to be impressed by his sushi.