Valentine’s Day at Ten Sushi!!!

Valentine's Day at Ten Sushi

It's Almost Valentine's Day!


Another week another blog at Ten Sushi~~

How are y’all doing? January is almost over, can you believe it?? My January flew past because I was soo busy with yearly closing procedures at my job. But now that all of that is over, I have finally attained a bit of freedom!

Valentine’s Day at Ten Sushi

That aside, next up is February! Which means Valentine’s Day is coming up! Before we start though, just a reminder that our usual activities are still going! We will be hosting a live stream every third Tuesday with a different event every month, and Nozomi will be live streaming playing games every week besides event day! We also have various content, discount info, and promo info on our Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, so make sure to subscribe! (You’ll get a free hat if you join our Facebook Ten Sushi Seattle Community!) Now let’s talk about our main topic!

Live Event from Factoria Mall

Our topic for our latest event after our Valentines event will be Hina Matsuri! Keep up to date by checking in with our Facebook or YouTube Page!

History Behind Valentine's Day

Do you know about the history of Valentine’s Day? Let us give you a quick TLDR for those who are not informed! So apparently, there are many different theories of the roots of Valentine’s Day. However, our beloved Ten Sushi girl Tomo picked out an interesting lore that I’d like to share in her words!

Simply put, there was a priest by the name of Valentine, who the day is based off of. Around his era, Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage due to the fact that he believed marriage makes soldiers perform worse. Valentine thought that this was unfair, so he often arranged marriages in secret (until he got caught and arrested). Finally, on February 14th, the day that he was sentenced to death, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and sent her a love letter! From there, people began to express their feelings and refer to him as Saint Valentine. And thus Valentine’s Day became a thing!

Valentine's Day at Ten Sushi

Valentine’s Day Special at Ten Sushi

So in honors to our fallen saint, we will be introducing you some sushi rolls we offer that are Valentine related!! Those special rolls will be 50% off around Valentine’s Day at Ten Sushi.

“Love is a Battlefield” Roll

Tempura Fried Roll, BBQ Eel, Real Crab Mayo, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Seared Real Crab Mayo, Black Tobikko, Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce.
$14.99 $7.50 (6pcs) Valid from 2/11-2/14/2022
Order Online >>>Queen Anne >>>Factoria Mall

“Big Red Corvette” Roll

Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Cream cheese, Tuna, Real Crab Mayo, Black Tobikko, Sesame seeds, Eel Sauce.
$18.99 $9.50 (8pcs) Valid from 2/11-2/14/2022
Order Online >>>Queen Anne >>>Factoria Mall

“My Hamachi Will Go On” Roll

Hamachi , Avocado , Cucumber , Hamachi , Jalapeno , Spicy Mayo and Sweet Chili sauce.
$18.99 $9.50 (8pcs) Valid from 2/11-2/14/2022
Order Online >>>Queen Anne >>>Factoria Mall

Closing: Happy hour at Ten Sushi (and YouTube/SNS info!)

So now you know some dishes worth coming to try out for yourself! Lucky you, we have three locations around Washington, come visit us at any of them! By the way, our next event after our Valentines event will be on February 15th. Tune in if you’re interested!

Aside from our live event, don’t forget about all of our benefits including Happy Hour, BOGO, New Items, and our long hours!! (Until 12am everyday!!)

Also, don’t forget to join TenSushi Seattle Community to get our free hat!

With that said, see you next week~

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