Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Good evening! This is Shin from Ten Sushi.

Do you think that Seattle’s spicy standards are high in terms of American standards?

The answer is YES.


Sometimes I get complaints from my customers that the food is too spicy…Obviously these are tourists from other states because no Washingtonian would ever complain about something being too spicy…

When I first came to the states and visited a couple of sushi stores, I too was surprised with how spicy many of the dishes were.

Maybe its because the climate is a bit colder as compared to the other states? 

Perhaps its because people have more endurance?

Maybe its because they messed up the recipe for spicy tuna back in the days? Who knows.

The point is, if it ain’t spicy it won’t sell (at least around Seattle!)
So. You’re from Seattle. (Or maybe not)

Are you down for a challenge? 

Come to Ten Sushi. We have a challenge for you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
We’ll hit you up with 8pcs for just $6.49

And were open all night come by whenever!

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