Welcome to Ten Sushi Seattle

We take your order until 3 AM !

BOGO free special!

Now we’re offering “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” campaign. If you order one item from our special menu, you can get another one for free!

“The longest business hours in Seattle”

The long business hour is our strength. We'd like you to enjoy our sushi anytime you want to.
You can place an order from 10 am until 3 am.
Shinichiro Takahashi
shinichiro takahashi

Our food

We use the freshest ingredients and serve high quality sushi to our customers. Our chefs understand how to treat raw fish and always keep them fresh.


Sushi rolls

We have a great selection of items. We’ve been working on new menu development based on customers’ opinions.  You never get tired of our varied menus.

About Shinichiro

Shinichiro was born and raised in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. He has 25-years experience as a sushi chef. His career started as a part-time employee in a major sushi chain restaurant in Japan, and he got promoted step by step with his massive efforts.Finally, in 2013, he became the owner of Ten Sushi.

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