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Raw Bar

  • Hamachi Sashimi $15.00

    Six pieces. Yellowtail

  • Salmon Sashimi $12.00

    Six pieces. Sliced Canadian Atlantic salmon.

  • Combination Sashimi(Salmon 4pc Tuna 4pc Hamachi 4pc) $18.00

    Nine pieces. Canadian Atlantic salmon three pieces, tuna three pieces, and yellowtail three pieces.

  • Wild Combination Sashimi $18.00

    Eight pieces. Four pieces of Sockeye salmon, two pieces of albacore tuna, and two pieces of red shrimp.

  • Omakase Sashimi $18.00

    Sliced seasonal fish


  • Edamame $4.00

    Organic edamame with unrefined salt.

  • Seaweed Salad $4.00

    Wakame seaweed and sesame soy dressing.

  • Salmon Skin Salad $5.50

    Deep fried cornstarch salmon skin, spring mix, yellow onion, gluten free sweet soy dressing, and white sesame seeds.

Combination Roll

Stier Fry & Fried

Soup & noodles

  • Miso Soup $2.00

    Organic tofu, fried tofu, organic green onion, ogo seaweed, organic white miso, mirin, fish, and seaweed based soup.

  • Space Noodle Udon $12.00

    Shrimp tempura, squid tempura, yellow onion tempura, green onion, sesame seeds, soy fish, and seaweed based soup.

  • Tonkotsu Ramen $12.00

    Spinach, char siu pork, green onion, sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy based Pork soup, and egg noodle. Half boiled Egg



  • Sushi Roll Platter $99.00

    Includes ten rolls. California roll (snow crab japanese mayo, cucumber, organic avocado, and white sesame seed), shrimp tempura roll (shrimp tempura, cucumber, tobiko, carrot, tempura bits, and white sesame seeds), dynamite roll (snow crab japanese mayo, creamy scallop, jalapeno, cucumber, eel sauce, homemade spicy sauce, and black pepper), spider roll (fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, wasabi tobiko, homemade honey mayo, and white sesame seeds), and salmon skin roll (crunchy salmon skin, Lettuce, spicy mayo and tobiko).

  • Sushi Roll and Nigiri Platter $71.00

    Includes sixteen pieces nigiri and four rolls. Nigiri (four pieces each): tuna (maguro), salmon, boiled shrimp (ebi), egg (tamago), rolls (sixteen pieces each) California roll (snow crab Japanese mayo, organic cucumber, organic avocado, white sesame seed), and shrimp tempura roll (shrimp tempura, organic cucumber, tobiko, aonori, organic carrot, tempura bits, white sesame seeds).

  • Fried Platter $63.00

    Includes fried items: calamari, chicken karaage, organic edamame, and the art of tempura (organic vegetables, shrimp, and squid).

  • Nigiri Platter $91.00

    Includes thirty two pieces of nigiri. Tuna (maguro), squid (ika), boiled shrimp (ebi), egg (tamago), scallop (hotate), mackerel (saba), eel (unagi), yellowtail (hamachi), and inari.

  • Chefs Choice Sushi Platter $136.00

    Chefs choice. Includes: omakase nigiri (eighteen pieces), and roll (four rolls from ten's special roll menu).

  • Kids Platter $59.00

    Tamago homemade Egg omelet 8pcs, Inari home prepared marinated fried Tofu 8pcs, Cucumber roll 4rolls, Avocado roll 4rolls and California roll 2rolls (Snow crab Mayo, cucumber and Avocado)

  • Party Platter $88.00

    Gyoza, Tonkatsu, Short ribs, Takoyaki, Vegetables

  • One Bite Nigiri Platter $60.00

    50pcs total: Salmon 20pcs, Tuna 10pcs, Hamachi Yellow tail 10pcs and Aji Horse Mackerel 10pcs

Sauce Options

  • Tensushi Soy sauce(Organic + Gluten free + low sodium) $4.99


  • Picked Ginger (Gari) $4.99


  • Spicy Sauce (Gluten free) $5.99


  • Eel Sauce(Gluten free) $5.99