JUNE 2020 - 7 yeares Anniversary!

Important Announcement for Our Customers:

Ten Sushi is proud to announce the celebration of its 7th anniversary! Thank you for your all suport for us! We couldn't have made it 7 years without our loyal customer like you, and we hope to serve you even better during the next Ten!

The month of June will be a month of celebration sale at both stores of Ten. But unfortunately we are not ready to reopen our dining area in June…

So, both of Ten Sushi are celebrating “7th Anniversary Special Event /Buy One Get One Free” via online delivery (UberEats, Doordash) and pickup.

Please find us on UberEats (#35store on Doordash too)and you can pick it up at store.

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500 Mercer st. Seattle WA 98109



Ten Sushi Seattle

Opened in June, 2013, TEN SUSHI has been generating buzz for its unique style. Not only "circle" around a long beltway, quality and size surprises first-timers. Fresh and Big, some people prefer TEN SUSHI over the traditional sushi restaurants. We are very picky about ingredients as well, using high-end rice, organic vegetables, and specially made vinegar and soy sauce. As you may expect, it can get pretty pricey (nothing out of the ordinary compared to sushi restaurants), but it is well worth the experience.



1207 S Jackson St. Seattle WA 98144


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Ten Sushi #35

Second location of Ten Sushi in Chinatown/Little saigon. We are tring to do more Japanese style at this locaton.

Japanese Language Meetup: every week.  We are doing a lot of things. Sushi class, play game with Japanese language, Japanese movie night, Japanese Karaoke night, study basic Japanese...and more.

Lunch Bento Box: sevendays from open to 3pm.

Happy Hour: everyday incrude weekend from 3pm to close. Soda float is populer soft drink in Japan.

Special Seasonal Menu: Fresh Uni, Shishito Pepper, Ankimo ... something Japanese Style. We will make you happy with that:)

GO TO TEN SUSHI #35 >>>>>>>