Ten Sushi #35


1207 S Jackson St B106 Seattle WA, 98144

Call us at (206) 568-0404 to make a reservation or to order take-out!

 We now offer an Otsumami おつまみ menu; here only at Ten Sushi #35! For those not familiar, "Otusumami" is a term used to describe food eaten while consuming alcohol. Everyday starting at 5 PM! Enjoy the following menu items!


 Come take a seat and enjoy the brand new lighting we've installed and the traditional Japanese decor all around. It's a nice touch to the sushi and sashimi you've ordered!

Feeling a little thirsty? Need a nice pairing with your lunch or dinner? We now serve a selection of Japanese whiskey! Below you'll find the individual profiles of each!

Akashi Nose: Buttered hot cross buns, chocolate peanuts, lemongrass and a light hint of spicy rye grain. Palate: Cherry bakewells and walnut loaf and sweet cereals with a dusting of nutmeg and black pepper. Finish: Medium length. Quite sweet with dried apricot and a touch of oatcake. Suntory

Toki Nose: Basil, green apple, honey Palate: Grapefruit, green grapes, peppermint, thyme Finish: Subtly sweet and spicy finish with a hint of vanilla oak, white pepper and ginger

Iwai Tradition Japanese Whiskey Nose: Cherry, chocolate, with notes of ginger spices. Palate: Honey, hot cream, & raspberries. Finish: Slightly long. Mild ginger spices & hints of honey.


 Now Servingl! We are now offering draft beer from Yo-Ho Brewery. You can chose from either their tasty bonito-flavoured yummy Umami IPA and their Tokyo Black Porter! Let's us pour you a glass