ARAJIRU Soup: Nothing Left Behind??


What is ARAJIRU???

Hello everyone ~ time for another blog! This time we’ll be going over another topic that will be in sync with our event for this month … Arajiru!!! I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t even know what this word meant! I had to ask around to see if anybody knew what Arajiru is, because the only part I knew was that it’s some form of soup… since soups in Japanese often contain the word “jiru” or “shiru” in them..

Anyways, how are you all doing? I always make sure to check in with my readers when I write these blogs, in hopes that these blogs don’t just become information banks or Wikipedia articles lol. By the way, I just got my third vaccine booster shot! I had to line up for 2 hours at my local store… fortunately the shot itself didn’t take too long (and it didn’t hurt at all!) We’ll see if any side effects will hit me tonight :-

Back to the main topic!

Arajiru! I’ll give you guys a brief summary this time, since we will have our lovely YouTube team actually make us some arajiru. If you want to learn about arajiru, our YouTube video should be up by the end of the month!


fishbone for arajiru

So, what IS Arajiru??

The word itself is made up of two kanji: 粗 (Ara) and  汁 (Jiru). As briefly mentioned before, Jiru is soup. Ara comes from the word 粗い(arai), which means rough. So put together, we get a (rough) translation of the dish: rough soup!

So now we know what the word means.. but what is it actually like? Arajiru is a miso soup made with fish head and bones. We utilize the rich broth that comes from unused parts of fish for sashimi, to make a soup that warms your body! Just add some veggies like carrots, daikons, and even tofu, and you get yourself a special type of miso soup!

One important part of the soup in it’s making was that we should treat food with more respect, and no food shall be going to waste. That’s why we specifically use the fish head and bones for the soup. The filet is used for sashimi, and the remaining parts are used to create a flavorful broth for arajiru!

Live Event from Factoria Mall Location

Our topic of the month is Arajiru, a type of miso soup served at sushi restaurants! 🐡🍲 You can join the live from our Facebook or YouTube page.

How do we make ARAJIRU?

Well, we have a Master chef just for this occasion! Master Sushi Chef Shin has offered to teach us how he makes Arajiru. MAKE SURE to check out our next event if you want to see the process in which Arajiru is made!! In fact, Arajiru is available to order on the regular menu (>>order online) if you watch the video and decide that you want to try some for yourself!

Closing: Happy hour at Ten Sushi (and YouTube/SNS info!)

I almost forgot to mention!!

We have extensive happy hour times, extensive hours (open till 3AM!) new items and goodies, as well as a FREE hat if you join our Ten Sushi Community! If you haven’t received your free hat yet, message us! We will ship it to you! Or if you would like to come pick it up at our store, that works too! And lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube, follow our Facebook pages, and check out Nozomi’s live stream gaming every Tuesday night!! With that said, see you next blog ~~~

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