What is the Dynamite Roll??

Hello. This is Nozomi from Ten Sushi.

What do you think about Dynamite Roll?

Will it explode? Is it spicy??
What’s in it 👀??

This is what I thought when I heard Dynamite Roll for the first time🤣

Dynamite Roll has crab mayo inside and a creamy scallop with spicy mayonnaise and jalapeno on top.

Crab Mayo is crab mixed with mayonnaise and creamy scallop is baby scallop mixed with mayonnaise.

Sounds like too much mayonnaise but I love mayonnaise so when I order Dynamite Roll I ask for extra mayonnaise😝

If you are curious about this roll, try it!
If you order now, it’s on Buy One Get One FREE 👏👏👏

I think I’m going to go get it now🏃🏻‍♀️!!!

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