What is KAMA?

Parts of a Fish: KAMA

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Welcome to another year and another blog at ten sushi! How are you doing? I hope you had a good winter break. This week, we will be talking about Hamachi Kama! I do want to point out before we start, that our usual activities are still going! We will be hosting a live stream every third Tuesday with a different topic every month, and Nozomi will be live streaming playing games every Tuesday besides event day! We also have various content, discount info, and promo info on our Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, so make sure to subscribe! (You’ll get a free hat if you join your Facebook Ten Sushi Seattle Community!)

Now let’s talk about KAMA!

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What is KAMA?

Well, I’d say it’s quite common from a Japanese standpoint to think of KAMA as in Scythe, but if you did, you’re absolutely correct! so what does it look like?

grilled yellow tail kama

This dish is derived from the word scythe, because the cutout of the portion of the fish which is called “KAMA” looks like a Scythe!

What part of the fish is KAMA?

Parts of a Fish: KAMA

Specifically, here is the kama portion of the fish. It really does look like a scythe, right! When I asked my grandmother about what she thinks of when she hears a Kama dish, she said that she imagines a pretty high-end dish because of its rarity.

What is it actually like to eat?

Well, as for the taste, you are fortunate because we offer Hamachi Kama at Ten sushi! Please come check it out at one of our locations if you are interested!! The kama is the fatty part of the fish (in fact, it is actually the fattiest part of the fish!) So you can imagine if you like fatty type fish, you will absolutely enjoy this! The juicy taste due to its high fat content with its mild, yet deep taste is amazing, along with the slight sweetness with a touch of sour from lemon.. And you have the perfect taste!

Are there any Health Benefits to KAMA?

Now you might think, fat??? There must be no health benefits! But fear not!! because, we are talking about the Fish Fat, AKA, Omega-3 fatty acids, which are actually good for you! It is known to keep your brain healthy as well as your heart. The dish is also very high in vitamin A, vitamin D, and Calcium as well!


Due to Kama being hard to come across, the dish is limited in quantity every day!

But fortunately for our ten sushi girls, they were lucky enough to have two Kama dishes reserved for them! Check in on our upcoming event to see them try it live!!

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