Unagi aka eel!

Unagi aka eel!

UNAGI and rice???

How are you all doing? I am doing fantastic, I’ve been personally going to many different car shows and events recently now that all the snow is gone and I bought a new car! Although I try to keep my distance at shows because there are waaaay too many people that gather up because they waited all winter for car meets and events to resume 🙃 If any of you decide to check it any events like these, please be careful! That aside, let’s talk about this week’s topic which has to do with something that goes very well on top of rice… UNAGI aka eel!


Unagi aka eel!

Now what exactly is UNAGI??

Unagi in English is Eel.. now at first glance, you wouldn’t expect eel to be something appealing to eat.. it’s slimy and looks like a snake.. but for those who have had unagi, you can attest!! This stuff is amazing!!

Usually unagi is served in a way that isn’t slimy at all. The meat is surprisingly soft, and is often dipped in sweet soy based sauce, commonly known over here as eel sauce! Many poke dishes offer the sauce, and it’s popular for a reason! 

Unagi aka eel!

Now let’s talk about one of the popular dishes: UNAJU! 

UNAJU is an unagi dish, served in a box with Unagi on top of rice! The unagi is prepared as a Kabayaki, which is a way of Grilling the unagi over charcoal, and finished with a glaze of slightly sweet sauce (soy sauce sake sugar).

Now if you’ve ever had unagi don before, you might be thinking, how is this different from one another? Well, unagi don is served in a bowl, while Unaju is served in a laquer box!

So yes, it doesn’t differ too much in reality! But the laquer box might give you the better Unagi to rice ratio! 

Live Event from Factoria Mall!

Our topic next week (Feb. 15) will be about Hinamatsuri (Japanese traditional girl's or doll festival)! Interested? You can join us live from our Facebook or YouTube page to see the event!. Starts at 5pm.

Now for such a dish with not much variation aside from the container, you’d think that it’s not too popular, right? You’d be surprised! There’s a traditional dance where dancers perform the movement when scooping eel (dojo eel/loach) with a bamboo plate in hand. It’s often performed at festivals and such! So if you’re interested in seeing how those dancers dress up, be sure to check out our upcoming YouTube video as our Ten sushi girls will be cosplaying as them!!

Unagi aka eel!

Finally, let’s talk about the nutrition side of Unagi!

Now, since Tomo and Nozomi will be covering these topics, I won’t go too deep into the deets. Here are some of the best results that you can get from eating Unagi!

  • Better cholesterol levels!

Unagi helps reduce cholesterol and makes your blood flow better!

  • High Iron levels!

Since this fish contains high levels of iron, it can help you prevent anemia! 

  • Brain and eye function!

Unagi has always been known to be good for your eyesight! 

  • High phosphorus minerals!

High phosphorus in Unagi means eating Unagi will lead to healthy bones!

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Finally, as we mentioned before, Tomo and Nozomi will be covering Unagi in the next video! So be sure to check that out on our YouTube channel! They will be trying some Unaju for themselves, so I really suggest taking a look! Or if you want to try some for yourself, you’re always welcome to to come and stop by to grab some food at any of our locations! By the way, Ten Sushi Queen Anne is open until 3AM every day to fulfill everyone’s needs (and hunger) at any time!! So come by any time to try some new food! And don’t forget about Nozomi’s game streams, as well as our Facebook community page! And if you want to see our previous blog come read about valentines day here! With that said, I’ll see you next blog!

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