Uchibori Vinegar with a long history

Uchibori Vinegar

Hello all, time for another blog 🤘🏼 ~ its August, how are you doing? Seattle almost broke its record for the driest stretch of summer this year.. ☀️ Unfortunately despite all the heat, most of the Seafair events seem to be taking place virtually this year. 😔 But might as well enjoy our time while we can! Just remember to mask up, watch your health, and stay hydrated!💧

This time we will be talking about uchibori vinegar, and sushi vinegar in general! 🍣

What is uchibori vinegar?

  • Uchibori vinegar (inc) is a product produced by uchibori vinegar inc. They produce various vinegar products specializing in rice vinegar. Some of their products include their pure rice vinegar, rice vinegar for sushi, and fruit vinegar. “Uchibori vinegar (inc) is a product produced through the traditional japanese procedure.”
  • The uses of uchibori vinegar vary, with uses in making rice vinegar or specifically in the case of fruit vinegar, for drinking mixed with water as a dessert.

What is Rice vinegar? 🍚

  • Basically, as some of you may know, the rice used for sushi is not just rice (as mentioned in our chirashi blog from a couple months ago.) There is a special procedure in processing the rice to become sushi rice. The rice is mixed with rice vinegar for the rice to go from sticky to silky white rice used for sushi.

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The basic procedure:

As mentioned in our previous blog by my very own grandmother, here are some details on how it’s made!

  • Sumeshi is basically freshly cooked rice mixed with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. She said the important part in mixing the rice is to mix it as if you are cutting the rice rather than mixing with a circular motion. She also mentioned how she cools it down with a fan whilst mixing.

More details

  • The word is derived from “sushi-meshi”, and is a significant part in making good sushi (contrary to what people may think, sushi rice is not just plain rice)
  • As for the cooling procedure, it’s popular to cool the rice down using a fan rather than using a fridge.
  • As compared to plain rice, sumeshi has a slight taste of sweet, sour and bitter mixed into the rice, which works perfectly with the sushi topping that it comes with.
  • In regards to how vinegar is made, the process is the same as making sake except the final fermentation process is what turns the sake into vinegar. That’s why uchibori’s fruit vinegar was presented as a product to be enjoyed like a dessert,
Ten Sushi Together

Together We're Strong!

Ten Sushi is committed to support local individuals and businesses by maintaining constant quality of food and services in the safest and healthiest ways possible. Your success is our ultimate success!

At Ten Sushi, we use Uchibori Vinegar to make our sushi rice. 🍣 Their products come straight from Japan, giving our sushi an authentic taste of Japanese Sushi. We also strive to conform our food to our environment, so that we can provide food that tastes good not just to our Japanese customers, but also our Seattleites and anybody who visits us. 🇯🇵🇺🇸 We will be hosting an event where Takahashi-san will be showing us how to make sushi rolls using his traditional method. We will be using Uchibori vinegar for making these rolls as well. Please check out our event here if you are interested!!

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