What is Tonkatsu?

What is Tonkatsu?

Hello everyone ~ time for another blog! This week, we will be talking about Tonkatsu!! I’m excited for this one because I love Tonkatsu!! I don’t cook very often, but If I had the ability to cook, Tonkatsu would be one of the dishes that I’d prioritize in learning!

Anyways, let’s get straight into the topic so that we can learn all about Tonkatsu!

History of Tonkatsu

So what is Tonkatsu anyways? lets dissect the word to see what it means!

The word consists of two parts: Ton and Katsu. Ton means pork, and Katsu is Cutlet! Straightforward isn’t it? Put together, you get the infamous deep fried cutlet dish! Apparently, this dish goes waaay back in the 1800s in which some Japanese people wanted to copy the European cutlet dish, and they made a similar dish for their own country. Now they are everywhere and are found served not just by itself, but as ingredients of other dishes!

What is Tonkatsu?

Pork Tonkatsu Bento

Panko Fried Pork 3pcs, Rice, Sesame seeds, Edamame, Green Salad. $15.99

So, what does katsu consist of?

Although the dish itself may simple, there’s quite a lot that goes into the dish! First off, we need pork tenderloin. Second, we need flour in order to keep the Panko, aka bread crumbs to stick on the meat, after we put seasoning and dip it in beat eggs on the meat itself. Finally we deep fry it in ageyu ( deep fry oil), and you have yourself crunchy Tonkatsu!

So what are the different dishes that utilize Tonkatsu?

I may have mentioned earlier that there are many different dishes that use Tonkatsu nowadays! one of our Ten Sushi staff, TOMO has listed off some of her favorite variations that use Tonkatsu!

What is Tonkatsu?

Katsu Sandwich

Firstly, we have Katsu Sando, aka Katsu Sandwich! Whoever invented this is a genius because sometimes, when you're feeling Tonkatsu on-the-go, this sandwich form Tonkatsu just works out perfectly!!

What is Tonkatsu?

Katsu don

Katsu don is another famous one as you can find these everywhere, especially near train stations in Japan! They are great because you get the whole thing in bowl form! It really helps when you're in a rush, but you gotta grab something good before you head out!

What is Tonkatsu?

Katsu Curry rice

This is yet another genius collaboration between two dishes that I absolutely love! When I first came across this dish, I was blown away by how perfectly the curry goes with the crunchy Katsu! I'm sure you can tell by looking at the picture, but the amount is usually ridiculous as well because its essentially two dishes in one!

Health benefits of Tonkatsu

Now you’d think that crunchy dish that has been deep fried to the point where there’d be no health benefits.. But you’re wrong! The lean pork that is used in katsu contains 9 different amino acids that we’ll be covering during our Katsu event! long story short, these are necessary for your body’s growth and maintenance!

Closing: Happy hour at Ten Sushi (and YouTube/SNS info!)

Finally, I’d like to make a shout out that we offer Tonkatsu dishes at Ten sushi! we have Pork Tonkatsu Bento for only $15.99, and Pork Tonkatsu One Piece for $5.99! If you’d like to check these out, you can come in to try some for yourself at one of our locations, or watch our girls try some during our event!

We have extensive happy hour times, as well as extensive store hours (open till midnight!)

We also are offering a FREE hat if you join our Ten Sushi Community! If you still haven’t received your free hat yet, message us! We will ship it to you! Or if you would like to come pick it up at our store, that works too! And lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube, follow our Facebook pages, and check out Nozomi’s live stream gaming every Tuesday night!! With that said, see you next blog !

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