The most appreciated gift for Father’s Day

Japanese sake is one gift that your Father may enjoy.

What do you gift your Father every year for Father’s Day? Do you go out to your usual favorite restaurant for dinner? The usual is always good but why not change something up to signal your growth. If you changed or grew significantly throughout this year try celebrating Father’s Day a little differently. Celebrate with Japanese sake! There are three different kinds to choose from. Kurosawa Nigori Sake. Mizubashou Ginjo. Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto Sake. For those who do not drink much sake, nigori is suitable. For those who regularly drink beer or wine, Mizubashou is a good choice.

Kurosawa Sake

Kurosawa sake started in 1996. Jun Tanaka an ambitious sake importer had in-depth knowledge of the Japanese food market in the US. Tanaka had the desire to provide something sake that would suit the tastes of the US market. His search led to a brewery in Nagano, Japan. He repetitively visited the brewery for over two years to work with the brewers to refine their sake to meet American standards of taste and texture. They named this sake brand Kurosawa after the brewer’s family name.

Kurosawa Nigori Sake

A light and fruity nose with a creamy “umami” flavor.

Kurosawa Nigori

Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto Sake

Full-bodied and earthly, yet light, which is the Kimoto style.

Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto

Mizubashou Ginjo

Fruity aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, honeyed apple, tapioca, and anise with a satiny, crisp, fruity medium body and interesting, medium-length coconut water and spicy baked banana finish. Would appeal to Chardonnay drinkers.

Mizubashou Ginjo

Sake taste testing!

Tomo who is a certified sommelier will be discussing the differences between different sake in our next YouTube video. We will be having an introduction to sake- a sake tasting with Tomo and a sake dealer. They will be taste testing all three of the different sake. Tune in and perhaps you will be able to choose the best Father’s Day gift for your father!

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