Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

Good evening!
It’s Shin from Ten Sushi🍣

Did you know teriyaki chicken is trending in Seattle right now?

It’s not the case over on the east coast like in cities like New York.
As for over in Japan, they don’t even have Teriyaki chicken-specific stores. Instead, they have Gyudon stores and Tendon stores. (Don describes a bowl of rice with its respective toppings)

I knew that genres of food vary based per region, but I was truly surprised when I first came to Seattle to find so many Teriyaki stores around the city.

That aside, Teriyaki is amazing, isn’t it?

That tender chicken covered in sweet-n-spicy sauce. And the fact that it goes sooooo well with white rice and Sake… Mmmmm🤤
I love adding a bit of sriracha and mayo alongside it as well!!

I love having Teriyaki at night 🌃

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