Tempura Udon

Tempura Udon is one of Japan's famous dishes.

What exactly is it?

To put it simply tempura udon is udon with tempura on top. It can be any kind of tempura, but the most common tempura topping is shrimp and vegetable. At most restaurants’ tempura udon is with shrimp tempura and some vegetable tempura. The vegetable tempura usually varies depending on the restaurant.

If it doesn’t come with shrimp you need to complain!!
I mean I will complain.

Of course, Ten Sushi’s tempura udon comes with shrimp tempura but if it doesn’t come with it please make a complaint to Ten Sushi. 😂 We also have three other kinds of udon as well!

Other Kinds of Udon That are Popular in Japan

There are various different kinds of udon in Japan but I think tempura udon is the most well known outside of Japan. Other kinds of udon that are popular in Japan are ‘Kake Udon’, ‘Kitsune Udon’, ‘Curry Udon’, ‘Yaki Udon’. In addition, there are also cold types of udon as well. In Japan there is a large variety of udon hot or cold, general and also regional. All of them combined there are over 35 different ways to eat udon! Udon is also popular in South Korea as well. They have their own kind of style called Udong. 

Tachigui Soba

Udon can be eaten almost anywhere in Japan. There are udon and soba restaurants all over Japan. You can even find them at train stations at ‘tachigui soba’ spots. 

Tachigui soba is a noodle stand that are sometime on the train platform, in the station, or just outside the train station. At noodle stands there are no seats so you eat standing. It is basically Japanese fast food. Most people are there to eat quickly and leave.

BOGO Tempura Udon

Udon Noodle, Shrimp Tempura 2pcs, Wakame Seaweeds, Green Onion, Sesame seeds, Udon soup

Order online at Queen Anne or Factoria Mall 🛒

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