Hello everyone, September has come around!

Looks like school is around the corner, or maybe it’s already begun for some folks. And alongside school always comes an end to summer – It’s not long till things start getting colder around here in Seattle..

So! We thought it’d be nice if we could kick off this new season with a fresh new topic; temaki!!

What is Temaki sushi anyways?

Temaki Sushi, AKA hand-rolled sushi, consists of two words; ‘te’ being the hand part, and ‘maki’ being the roll part. It’s easy, right? Temaki is basically sushi except in a different shape. You could say its like Ice cream because of its signature cone shape! Temaki, similar to normal sushi, consists of three parts. the seaweed (nori), the rice (meshi), and the filling (neta).

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Origins of Temaki

There are countless types of temaki sushi around the world, with each one holding different origins and interesting historical lessons.. Is what I’d like to say, but corresponding to its simple name, the dish itself has simple roots as well! Temaki sushi is often found more in casual settings, due to its nature of being easy to roll. Just grab some seaweed, throw some rice and your filling(s) of your choice in, and you’re set!

So this time, we’ll be looking at some common temakis (as well as unique ones!), and also covering a couple famous or notable temakis so that you can enjoy them, or even make some for yourself if you come across such opportunity!

Salmon Temaki (and other raw fish!)

To start off, we have the salmon temaki. The salmon slices are cut in similar sizes to a normal sashimi style salmon sushi would be cut. Specifically, the raw fish does not have to be salmon. It can be any filling that any sushi offers, and it'll probably taste just as good!

ikura temaki (salmon roe)

This one is one of the more common ones, as ikura (salmon roe) tends to be easier to eat temaki-style rather than sushi style. It makes sense though, as ikura can require some chopstick skill to eat clean!

temaki spider roll

This picture shows a temaki-style spider roll, representing how most types of sushi can be converted to temaki without much hassle.

natto temaki

Now this one.. I'm sure not everybody would be on the same boat as natto can be on and off for some.. But believe it or not, Natto sushi is making a scene over at Japan! and now in temaki form, you can not only eat natto without getting your mouth sticky, you can keep your hands clean too!


These are a couple of notable temaki’s, but temaki are not limited to just those! Temaki is quite a broad dish after all. In fact, it’s quite often that temaki are already-existing sushi or rolls, taking on a different form!

So now that you have some knowledge about temaki’s, why don’t you come try some out for yourself? Come stop by Ten sushi, we have locations in factoria, Queen Anne and Seattle. We’ll be hosting a Temaki event soon. We always welcome guests to come and join us on our stream – learn more about our upcoming event on our Facebook page

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