Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll)

Good evening. This is Shin, from ten sushi🍣

Maguro is delicious, isn’t it??
I like salmon more than maguro😝

I personally think of tekka maki when I think of maguro.
The word is derived from Teppou, which means “gun” in Japanese.
Tekka maki looks like a black barrel with fire coming out of it, thus leading to its name.

Sushi is truly the pinnacle of creative expression and the epitome of culinary skill.

The naming, the looks,
The texture and the taste…

The distinct creations that the respective craftsman make up can be compared to works of art 👨‍🎨

At Ten sushi, the maguro in our Tekka Maki sticks out of the sushi…
It’s not art, I just really like maguro…

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