Sushi on the Beach in West Seattle??

West Seattle

Hello! Welcome to our Ten Sushi blog! How are you all doing?? We post two blogs a month here, they’re quite casual but feel free to stop by to read if you’re interested!! We usually talk about sushi related topics, whether it be information about our store, some recipes, events, etc.

If you live around Seattle or Bellevue, you might even come across useful information regarding events or even discount information! This time, we’ll be talking about West Seattle!

Dine-In Now Open 10AM-Midnight❕

As we welcome you back into our dining areas, we remain fully committed to following all safety guidelines and recommendations set forth by state and local health authorities. Please feel free to call us at 206-453-3881 📞 with any questions or concerns prior to your visit.

Where is West Seattle located?

West Seattle the area located a bit aside from downtown – its best known for alki beach, the beachside that runs next to the sound.

How do we get there?

Well if you’re coming from southern washington, it’s quite direct as it’s just a straight drive up! But if you’re coming from anywhere else, it’s a bit of a hassle.. The West Seattle Bridge, which connects the area from the other parts of Seattle is unfortunately closed at the moment. So if you want to get to the beachside, you have to drive a couple miles south to avoid the bridge!

Ten Sushi Together

Together We're Strong!

Ten Sushi is committed to support local individuals and businesses by maintaining constant quality of food and services in the safest and healthiest ways possible. Your success is our ultimate success!

Good picnic areas

You’d be surprised by how much nature the area holds in this area of Seattle! I’ll be introducing a couple areas in which I personally recommend visiting if you’re planning a picnic!

Harbor Ave Vista Point

First off, we have Harbor Ave Vista Point. Normally, this is the first viewpoint that comes up on Harbor Ave. SW if the West Seattle Bridge were to be open. You get a very nice view of Downtown, along with a pedestrian/biker/skateboard friendly stretch of sidewalk with benches and grass areas! I'd recommend the grass areas for a picnic as they have no fences blocking the view while you eat!

Alki beach

Next in line, we have Alki beach! just go straight down Harbor Ave. SW and you'll be on Alki Ave. SW before you know it! This stretch of the beach has a sand area unlike the Harbor Ave. side of West Seattle. It gets a bit crowded if the weather is nice, but this might be a good place to plop down to enjoy some food!!

Constellation park

We get to see yet another side of the Sound as we walk down the road and arrive here at Constellation Park. You'll also get to see a couple Ferries passing by here, usually heading to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton! As the Park's name suggest, the view here at night is great because there's less light at night here as compared to Alki or Harbor Avenue! A stop at Ten Sushi and coming here for a late night picnic might be nice! You could eat sushi and watch constellations at the same time -- sounds stellar to me!

Hiawatha Playfield

This park, unlike the other three is located closer to the inside of West Seattle. The drive here regardless of which direction you're coming from is amazing, and the park gives off a refreshing feeling! this park offers a lot of space, so I'm sure it'd be a nice location to find some flat ground to have a good picnic here!

Special video by our members is coming soon!

This time, our members went to personally have a picnic at the Alki Beach Bathhouse! It was raining but it was okay, because they brought special Bento boxes! They had a choice between Katsu Bento, Deluxe bento, and White Fish bento! What a treat, I’d love to get some for myself.. Maybe I’ll stop by Ten Sushi to pick up a Deluxe bento for myself… we have locations in Queen Anne, China Town, and a new location in Factoria! We go very late, so come stop by if you also want some for lunch!

Ten Sushi Community Live Event

Monthly Live Streaming Event

Join us for another Ten Sushi event streaming live from our Factoria Mall location! Starting from 8pm on Tuesday, Nov. 16th. This time it will be much shorter than the usual monthly event (about 15 minutes), and we are planning to feature one of our staff members.

You can join the live from our Facebook or YouTube page. Hope you can make it!

>>> Ten Sushi Seattle Facebook page

>>> Ten Sushi Seattle YouTube page

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