Sushi Trivia Part 2!

How the fish for sushi is procured changes the taste drastically.

Tuna, salmon, cod… what kind of sushi do you like the most? The balance between the sushi rice is important, but the biggest factor to sushi’s umami is the topping.

Take a look at the images bellow.

Citation: Food Media “Foodie”

Both of the fish are horse mackerels. The top is caught by fixed net fishing and the bottom is caught by pole fishing. If you compare the two the top net fishing mackerel is darker in color and the bottom one appears more translucent and lacking the darker color on the spine. In addition, the bottom mackerel’s fins and tail are gold in color.

Why is there such a difference between the two? Net fishing catches many fish at a time, but this also causes stress amongst the fish. As for pole fishing, this type of stress is not caused, thus is retains its transparency. 

There is also a difference between the fisher -experienced or not. If you forcibly fish the fish will struggle, which raises their body temperature. This causes the fish’s meat to become dry. It is surprising how much you can tell about your fish by eating it! 

Appearance and mouth-feel is totally different.

Citation: Food Media “Foodie”

Left is pole fishing and right is fixed net fishing. Were you able to tell without reading? Compared to the transparent mackerel on the left the net mackerel is darker in pigmentation. The pole fished mackerel has less of a “fishy” smell when eaten raw, it is firm, and full of umami. 

At Ten Sushi our fish is temperature controlled from when it gets off the boat until it reaches your mouth!

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