Sushi Trivia Part 1!

200 years ago sushi was considered fast food during the Edo period. 

Citation: “Ehon Edo Suzume” National Diet Library

Sushi has a rather long history. It is said that the popularity of sushi spread over 200 years ago in Edo period Japan. In recent years Ten Sushi has incorporated services such as Uber Eats. However, there was also something similar in the Edo period! There were workers that would walk around with wooden carrying boxes delivering sushi. In addition, there were also sushi being sold at food stands. As for the food stands the service is fairly similar to the sushi restaurants today. The customer would take a seat in front of the counter, which would be in facing the sushi chef and ingredients. The customer would then order their food. 

Sushi chefs used witchcraft?!

There have been haiku poem from the Edo period to the Bakumatsu about sushi chefs using black magic to press nigiri sushi into shape. That is, the movement of the chef’s hands looked as thought they were casting spells. For the Edo people this looked like witchcraft. This is a good example as to how distinctive the movement is when making nigirizushi. 

Before you take a bite into your nigirizushi, take a look at its shape.
It is the result of long years pursuing an effortless bite of perfection. The size is to mimic an average size of the eater’s tongue (three inches). However, at Ten Sushi we add a little extra for substantiality.

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