How to keep Sashimi at its freshest state

Hello, time for our second blog of september!

By the time this blog is up, school must have started for most areas around Seattle. So let’s study up a bit on sushi! This time, we’ll be talking about Sashimi or Sushi grade fish.

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“Sashimi-grade” is a real thing!?

Although from the literal translation of the phrase, it may seem as if there is a criteria for fish to be considered “sashimi-grade”, there are actually few regulations as to whether a fish can be deemed usable for sashimi. There are base guidelines put down by the FDA for consumption of raw fish, but “sashimi-grade” was a phrase that was coined back in the days, as a marketing strategy for selling fish when sushi was picking up in popularity.

But fear not! In Japan, where raw fish are consumed more regularly than over here in the US, there are rarely any incidents of food-born illness. And the USDA even uses Japan for their standard for the consumption of raw fish because the rate of raw fish consumption is much higher than in the US. And not to mention, they don’t even require or recommend freezing fish, either!

What does it take to be considered “sashimi-grade” fish?

Regardless of whether the term means anything at all, there are “base” criteria that must be followed for most types of fish to be sold raw according to the FDA. These rules are set to destroy any parasites that may be on the fish within a set period of time.

  • In the case of a 7 day process, The fish must be stored at under -4ºF (-20ºC) for 7 days.
  • In the case of a 24 hour process, The fish must be frozen at -31ºF (-35ºC), and then stored at -4ºF (-20ºC) for 24 hours.
  • In the case of a 15 hour process, The fish must be frozen at -31ºF (-35ºC ), and stored at the same temperature (-31ºF or -35ºC ) for 15 hours.

Aside from the storage methods, the fish must also be bled and gutted upon capture, and frozen with the above methods within 8 hours of capture.

Raw sashimi is difficult to maintain at a fresh state because there are multiple steps to keeping the fish safe after capture. Although “sashimi-grade” was coined as a marketing term, the current market suggests that they are closely following these steps to keep as clean as possible. The best way to find out if a “sashimi-grade” fish is safe or not may be to directly ask your seller, or the market manager what steps fish go through in order to be considered “sashimi-grade”.

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How do we keep our fish safe at Ten Sushi?

Maintaining sashimi-grade is quite the hassle. So what do people do after purchase? The safest bet is to keep it cold. Keeping the fish below 40ºF (4°C) is key. Any temperature above that, and the fish is prone to becoming unhealthy to eat. So what can you do differently, to keep your fish “sashimi-grade” just like us at Ten Sushi? After purchase, we make sure to transport the fish on ice to make sure that the fish is kept under 40ºF (4°C) at all times. When preparing, we keep the fish in sanitary conditions by keeping our work areas and tools clean. We also make sure to put the fish away if we aren’t preparing it. And most importantly, we always wash your hands! So if you ever plan on preparing sashimi for yourself, you can keep your fish Sashimi grade now, just like we do!

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