Salmon Sashimi

salmon sashimi

Hello, Salmon Lovers

A Guide to Salmon Sashimi

Hello. This is Nozomi from Ten Sushi. 😊 First of all salmon sashimi is sliced salmon without rice. Sometimes people confuse sashimi and nigiri. Salmon Sashimi is my number one favorite dish at sushi restaurants. I always order this first. I can’t eat sushi without eating salmon sashimi first. 😆 

When you order sashimi it usually comes with wasabi, sliced lemon, and some garnish. Some fish also come with ponzu sauce. Salmon is one of those fishes that matches well with Ponzu sauce. But I prefer to eat my salmon with soy sauce.
Salmon sashimi is a good appetizer and main dish because it is high protein but low calories. It is only 52 calories per oz.!

Did you know salmon was not always eaten raw in Japan?

Unlike Japan’s long history of sashimi and sushi, salmon sashimi/sushi is relatively new. Previously, around 35 years ago raw salmon was not considered a fish that you could eat raw. Not until the Norwegians introduced it. Norway had a simple problem and that was that they had too many salmon. Thus, they started a campaign to sell their salmon to Japan. And it worked! Japanese people were hesitant at first, but since there was also a fish shortage, it was also perfect timing. At first less expensive restaurants like conveyor sushi only served raw salmon but after a while, more high-end restaurants began to sell it too. 

Salmon sashimi and sushi have now become a staple in Japanese cooking. 

Many people fell in love with its mild creamy flavor. 😋 


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