Everyone’s favorite Salmon Nigiri

The most popular sushi ~🍣

Good evening! It’s Shin from Ten Sushi.

Salmon is amazing isn’t it!?

I’d like to point out that salmon of this caliber is quite rare over in Japan…

The reason being, salmon is expensive to ship over to Japan, plus it is hard to maintain the fish because of preservation regulations… So the salmon you often come across around here (for this price) is limited to the US🇺🇸. 

Furthermore, the salmon over here at Ten Sushi is especially fresh and high in quality because we use local salmon caught fresh from Victoria island.

We actually receive A LOT of people ordering salmon, so we can basically guarantee you that we won’t be running out of stock that often.

We first paste a bit of spicy sauce on the salmon…
And then we grab the burner to roast it just right…
The juicy flavor of the salmon starts to seep out…
Finish it off with a touch of wasabi and soy sauce…
And there you have it, a bite size Salmon Nigiri, all for that one moment of delight!

Were open starting at 10:00 am! Come by for a quick breakfast if you’re feeling down for some good sushi👍

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