What do you call the Red Shrimp?

Good evening!
This is Shin from TenSushi🍣

Sweet shrimp is delicious😋
That soft texture and juicy taste that it contains
And that crunch that comes with biting the head…

Did you know that ‘sweet shrimp’ is a Seattle term?

We talked about Chirashi last time, do you still remember that in Japan, what we consider ‘chirashi’ here in Seattle as ‘kaisen don’?

Similarly, sweet shrimp is known as ‘botan ebi’ over in Japan🇯🇵

Furthermore, this ‘red shrimp’ which is a type of shrimp, is more commonly known as ‘sweet shrimp’ but the real ‘sweet shrimp’ is a smaller species of shrimp🦐

It’s about the size of your pinky and it’s color is closer to pink — it’s just known by a different name commonly because of how it tastes.

I’m sure there’s many instances of things being called different names because of circumstances.

As an example, french fries are often called ‘potato’ in Japan…

There is a Japanese word for potato (imo🥔) in Japan, but if you say ‘potato’ to any Japanese person, they will automatically think of “french fries”…🍟 

Same with coffee — you have to elaborate on whether you’d like it ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ because cold coffee is just as popular as hot coffee in Japan.

So if you want a cup of hot coffee in Japan, simply saying ‘hot’ will suffice☕️. 

Same deal with black coffee (no sugar or milk).
Just say black & you’ll get yourself just that!

So many cultural differences but makes sense, right😊?

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