What kind of Ramen do you like?

Good evening! This is Shin, from Ten Sushi.

Ramen is my favorite food🍜!!

Ramen is also Japanese food, for those who didn’t know. For the past 10-20 years in Japan, Ramen was advertised as Chinese food. That’s how ramen grew in fame. This is when Ramen stores began to open up to influence the world🌍.

Why is ramen so good?

~the thick and rich flavoring of the soup

~the tender texture of the chashu meat

~the slurping sound that Japanese people make… (maybe that’s just me lol)

mmmm… just imagining Ramen makes me crave…🤤

I have some good memories of ramen.

Back since I was still a little kid, I’ve always been a fan of chashu. I’d always set aside my chashu for my last bite…

But then…


Out of nowhere, my mom snatched my chashu… She literally swallowed it whole😭

Apparently, she thought that I left it because I didn’t like the chashu…

In reality, I was saving it so I could enjoy it last… 

I cried so hard… I didn’t leave my room for the rest of the day…

Anyways! Ten Sushi’s ramen comes with 6 layers of Chashu.

What!!! Six Chashu you say😳!?!?

Yes! We ain’t playin’ $$💸

We’re going all out for our customers so that y’all can enjoy a luxurious night surrounded by chashu. This applies to Uber orders as well!

Now you’ll be safe from your mother’s snatching your chashu’s. I’d hate to see my customers go through what I experienced as a child after all!

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