Personal Favorite Ramen Picks!

Top 3 Favorite Ramen Picks

Hello, its Holiday season!

How is everybody doing? I’m doing great, my other job has a bunch of end-of-the-year procedures so I barely get to catch a break, but that doesn’t stop me from writing a short blog for Ten Sushi this month ~

This time we’ll be talking about Ramen!! 

Usually, regarding these blogs, I start off with an explanation and procedure for the dish that I will be introducing. However, this time I’ll be going straight into the topic because I’m sure it’s safe to assume that most of you know what ramen is!

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My (personal) top 3 favorite Ramen flavors!

(Please note that these are my opinions, so if you do not like my opinions, feel free to fight me)


Originating from Fukuoka, this ramen has a soup that is based on pork broth, thus the name (ton = pork, kotsu = bones.) Along with this pork broth soup, it often includes toppings such as pork belly and green onion. The taste of the ramen, the pork belly, the soup, and the green onion goes together soo well, and to finish it off, a touch of chili sauce for a hint of spicy makes this ramen GOLD. Luckily for you guys, we offer tonkotsu ramen at TEN SUSHI. Make sure to stop by to try some for yourself!


So apparently, this ramen originates from China. This ramen is great because similar to my favorite part about tonkotsu ramen (the touch of chili sauce) this ramen also has spicy attributes.. Except on a bigger scale! Kara miso Ramen is similar to Tonkotsu ramen, except its broth is based off of miso! So if you like the taste of miso and you also like spicy food, this one might be the one for you!


Now you might think, why would you pick Shoyu Ramen as one of your top 3 picks for favorite ramen types? It’s the same reason why I like Vanilla ice cream, or Black Milk tea – Shoyu ramen, aka Soy sauce broth ramen is everywhere. A lot of stores offer it. Personally, I like being able to compare different stores and their different strategies and recipes for the same dish. It’s simple, Shoyu ramen is a soy sauce based broth and has minimal toppings. If you want to simply enjoy ramen for what it is, then I recommend Shoyu Ramen.

To close it off!

I just want to mention that the Tonkotsu Ramen that we offer at Ten Sushi is STACKED. Since our favorite master chef Shin LOVES chaashu (pork belly) and his dream as a kid was to be able to chomp on a mouthful of chaashu, he has decided to add a fairly good amount of pork belly on the ramen. SO if you’re feeling hungry, MAKE SURE to stop by to order some Ramen at any of our locations!!! With that, see you next blog!

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