Omakase Chirashi

Omakase Chirashi

Good evening!
It’s Shin from Seattle.

Chirashi is picking up in Seattle these days, don’t you😃??
A plethora of fish to enjoy and high in volume as well.
In Japan, if we’re talking about Chirashi, bara-chirashi is the famous one.

As for its contents, it often contains
Golden egg
Green bean
Smoked salmon

and is cut up into small portions and scattered across this bowl (which is why the dish is called ‘chirashi’ because the word literally means ‘to scatter’) (more about Chirashi on our blog)

Seattle’s Chirashi leans a bit more toward what Japanese people would call ‘Kaisen-don’.
The interpretation may have changed because ‘chirashi’ was easier to say, but ‘kaisen-don’ which has a wider variety of ingredients looks more flavorful.

Poke has been quite popular these days, hasn’t it? Poke allows you to pick different types of fish, and they even have prepared ingredients for those who dislike raw fish🐟.

So Ten Sushi decided to go with the hybrid option; we’ve added half cooked, half raw ingredients in our Chirashi. The contents are as follows:

Salmon, hamachi, Maguro and tobikko.
Eel, shrimp, eggs, crab mayo, and creamy scallops.

“No! My Chirashi gotta be completely raw!”

We’ve got you 👍 Try our Sashimi Bento, that’s the one you’re looking for.

Our goal is for everyone to be able to enjoy our food. That’s how our menu is made.
Specifically for Japanese dining enthusiasts, I assume that you’d prefer raw fish rather than prepared ingredients. But you’ve gotta give everything a try! Put some creamy scallop on your salmon. Dip it in some wasabi soy sauce and take a bite with some rice. I can testify: it’s addicting!

Come to Ten Sushi if you’re feeling sushi ~🍣 

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