Celebrate events with our Nigiri & Roll Platter

Good evening!
This is Shin, from Ten sushi 🍣

In Japan, it’s common for people to celebrate events with sushi.
For example, we celebrate
– Birthdays
– Christmas
– New Years
with sushi.

I worked at sushi chains for 15 years in Japan. I’ve been with the industry for a while, and I even worked part-time back when I was still a student.

The last time that I had a break on Christmas and New years was back when I was in middle school because I’d be working in some form or another every year!

I think celebrating with your friends and family at these kinds of events is important, but if you work at a restaurant, these kinds of days are usually very hectic😅 lol

Take Christmas for example…
You could easily make a 10k profit in a day!

But from a restaurant standpoint…
It’s good money for sure! but it’s also utter chaos if you aren’t prepared…🤦‍♀️

Back when I was still new in managing my own store, the storm hit hard…

We couldn’t take orders fast enough, and we had close to 50 angry customers lined up in front of our store…

All I remember was apologizing to everyone while endlessly making sushi…😣

From there on, I made sure to schedule ahead on big events so that we can provide our customers with our food without any wait!

I honestly think that it’s of more significance to be able to actually provide the food as compared to having a bunch of special dishes and whatnot!

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