Mother’s Day: The History Behind Mother’s Day

The Significance of Celebrating Mother's Day (part 1)

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May is here, it’s basically summer ⛱ ! Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day 🎀 this year? It might be a good idea to show your moms 👩‍🦱 some appreciation and acknowledgement for their hard work with all the recent events happening. Let’s start with the history behind the holiday.

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Mother’s day originally started in West Virginia in May of 1908 by Anna Jarvis, where she sent 500 carnations to the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton in memory of her mother who deceased in 1905. The tradition quickly spread across the states as well as outside the country, and by 1914 it became a national holiday. As time passed, the holiday became commercialized, and Jarvis, who originally saw the day as a day to send respects to her own mother, tried to abolish the holiday without luck. Even today, the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most countries. Now that we know about the history behind the holiday, let’s talk about the benefits of celebrating the holiday.

Your family benefits by celebrating mother’s day⁉

Why do we celebrate holidays anyways? The closest answer may come from the fact that (most) people enjoy social activities. By celebrating holidays, people are able to form bonds that are only built during occasions like these. Mother’s day is one of those holidays where families come together to express their gratitude and spread positive vibes. An anthropologist has given an explanation to why people enjoy holiday rituals and traditions. According to the anthropologist, “studies have found that taking part in collective rituals creates feelings of belonging and increased generosity”. Basically put, people naturally build bonds with their families simply through coming together and celebrating an event. The feeling of inclusiveness itself is a catalyst for family members to build relations and enjoy their time together.

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It’s also worth mentioning that you can relieve stress by celebrating holidays. Among various psychological benefits that come with participating in social events, “[Holiday traditions] can act as a buffer against anxiety” as well. Holidays are a day off of work after all, might as well enjoy your time and relieve your stress.

It is also true that children gain good social habits by engaging in family gatherings. “Research shows that children who participate in group rituals become more strongly affiliated with their peers”. 📄 In our current society where social adeptness is basically a requirement for success in life, it might be a good idea to get your children to talk with their drunk uncles once in a while rather than shutting them up in their rooms. 👮


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