Mother’s Day: The Power of Gifting

The Significance of Celebrating Mother's Day (part 3)

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May is here, it’s basically summer ⛱ ! Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day 🎀 this year? It might be a good idea to show your moms 👩‍🦱 some appreciation and acknowledgement for their hard work with all the recent events happening.

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You can express you gratitude??

In the last post, we talked about the importance of showing your gratitude and appreciation to people. However, the benefits of expressing your gratitude have effects on yourself as well. One way of expressing your gratitude is in the form of gifting.🎁 Purely thinking in terms of the effects of gifting, the receiver often becomes emotionally obligated to return the favor in one form or another. In the article “Gift exchange”, they talk about “The gift-exchange cycle”.

“The gift-exchange cycle entails obligations to give, to receive, and to return.”

As an example, if someone were to give a present to you on your birthday, you would want to equally return the favor, right? 😎 Obviously, making decisions based on this concept wouldn’t work out all the time because not everyone is willing to return favors. In those cases, “Refusal to accept a gift may be seen as a refusal of social relations” according to the article.

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Further thoughts on gifting

“The reciprocity of the cycle rests in the obligation to return the gift; [i.e.] the value of the return be approximately equal to or greater than the value of the original gift.

As stated earlier, assuming that the other person would like to uphold relations with you, they will return favors that you have done for them in an equal or greater fashion. This may be in the form of a gift as well, but the important part of gifting is that you and the receiver become socially invested in sustaining a healthy relationship. The returning of favors may come in a later time, but the time and devotion that you spend toward that person (in the case, your mother) will always come back to you in some form for sure! 💖


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