Mother’s Day: The Benefits of Celebrating Your Mom

The Significance of Celebrating Mother's Day (part 2)

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May is here, it’s basically summer ⛱ ! Are you doing anything for Mother’s Day 🎀 this year? It might be a good idea to show your moms 👩‍🦱 some appreciation and acknowledgement for their hard work with all the recent events happening.

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Your Mother will be happy???

In the previous post, we talked about how families benefit from celebrating holidays and enjoying social events. However, it’s not just the family members that benefit. It’s mother’s day after all, obviously the mother benefits from celebrating mother’s day as well. Receiving gifts and being thanked feels good ☺️ Although we all know that, have we considered to what extent people appreciate being shown gratitude? According to an article by “The Conversation”, “saying ‘thank you’ does make a difference”. The article further states that “saying ‘thank you’ serves to build and maintain social relationships”. Just by thanking someone, you are showing your appreciation for their efforts. That action itself has a positive effect on their image of you, leading to finer future relations with that person. It was also mentioned that “Gratitude prompts the initiation of new social relationships” 👣. Positive feelings are contagious. One positive word can change a persons’ day. Sometimes we forget to express our gratitude for all the support that we receive from our mothers, and it might be hard to come out with our true feelings at times… So perhaps mother’s day may be a good occasion to express your gratitude in one form or another.🙆🏻‍♀️

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The student-mentor experiment

There was a study conducted in which a student and mentor talk with each other, and the mentors have the option to leave feedback for the students. The first group of students were told to leave notes in which they would acknowledge the mentors for helping them, without any expression of positive feelings toward their efforts. The second group of students were told to leave feedback, and they had to be expressive with their notes (ie, they would be straightforward with how they were very grateful with the mentoring that they received.) The result of the test was as follows: 42% of the mentors that received “acknowledging” notes left feedback for their students, while 68% of mentors who received “expressive” notes left feedback for their students. Simply put, expressive feedback leads to more mentors wanting to stay connected with their students in the future. 📱

From these results, we can conclude that saying ”thank you” may seem as if it would have minimal effect on someone, but this isn’t the case. Just a couple words of acknowledgement of someone’s efforts may actually be the difference in raising that person’s level of satisfaction or an opportunity in finding a new friendship. 📣

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