Let’s age nicely with mangos!

The secret to getting the best out of this year is hidden within the fruit, mango.

Mangos are full of valuable nutrients for a bright year! Mangos are abundant in nutrients such as, vitamin C. In addition, in India Mango is spiritually thought to represent good luck and prosperity. It is said to be India’s divine fruit which is why it is used in many Hindu rituals. There is also a legend about the origin of the mango tree that symbolizes eternal love.

Lets take a look about how beneficial mangoes are to our health!

Health Benefits


The abundant folic acid that is found in mangos promotes good protein and metabolism. As well as creating blood. It also rejuvenates peripheral cells and collagen fibers which is vital to maintaining elastic and youthful skin. 

In addition, the beta-carotene that is found in mangoes is also called provitamin A, which when combined with vitamin C is effective for skin maintenance and anti-aging.

UV Ray Protection (prevention of blemishes and wrinckles)

The vitamin C and E that is found in mangoes is thought to be effective in brightening skin, which diminishes dullness, reduces hyperpigmentation, and removes dry, flaky skin. 

Vitamin C helps reduce the pigmentation of melanin in blemishes and skin dullness. Dull skin may appear dry, patchy, or ashy, so if you are troubled with this, mangoes can help! The vitamin E that is found in mangoes encourage blood flow can increase skin turnover (the process of creating new skin cells to replace existing ones) and reduce sunburn reaction.

Skin Breakout Prevention

Vitamin A has antioxidant functions that prevent blemishes, dullness, and sagging skin. 

In addition, it promotes the restoration of the mucous membrane which maintains the health of skin and the mucous membrane. This then prevents the breakouts and other skin troubles.

Religious and Spiritual Use of Mangoes in India

Mangoes are more than a fruit in India. It is an intrinsic part of the country’s culture, found in religion, art, poetry and literature. 

There is a story about a mango tree that became the origin of the Buddha’s Awakening. The Buddha who, in a previous life, was King Mahājanaka.

“One day he was passing by some mango trees with ripe mangos on its branches. He was not able to stop at the time, but he wished to return later to gather some. However, he did not know that his ministers following him were gathering them all up for themselves. The beat the trees with poles to drop the ripened fruit. 

Later that evening the king returned for the delicious mangoes but discovered that they were all gone. The branches were smashed, and leaves were scattered. The king was disappointed and upset but he then noticed a tree that was untouched. He then realized that it was because it had no fruit. This stuck to the king. If a tree has no fruit it would not be disturbed. He thought if we were like that tree then our branches and leaves would not be torn. If one did not become involved in the ways of the world, one would be truly independent, free from worries or difficulties. The mind would be untroubled”.

There are various other stories in Hinduism that feature the mango as a sacred symbol, and it plays a major role in the culture of India.

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