Why is “chicken” karaage the famous one?

Good evening. It’s Shin again, from Ten Sushi.

Today, let’s talk about Karaage!
Simply put, the English equivalent for “Karaage” is fried chicken.

Let’s take the word apart so that we can understand it better:
Kara = Crispy
Age = Fried
Kara + Age
Crispy fry → fried chicken

But let’s take a second to consider this: why is karaage made with chicken?
Couldn’t it be pork or beef 🤔?

Well, actually,
There is pork and beef karaage. And there’s fish karaage as well.
Karaage is most famously known for being chicken, and it’s also true that most Japanese people associate karaage with chicken as well. 

However different types of karaage are still made to this day, regardless of its fame for being made with chicken.

So, why exactly is the “chicken” karaage the famous one?

This is because chicken contains more moisture as compared to the other types of karaage.
Purely talking in preparing the dish, chicken is the best fit for karaage 🌟

More often than not, pork ends up becoming other dishes such as Subuta. (Sweet and sour pork)
Beef is often fried.
Fish are boiled or fried as well. 


Juicy on the inside,
Crunchy on the outside …

How about some Karaage as an appetizer for tonight? Or perhaps for lunch?
We gotchu. Ten Sushi’s doors are open till 3AM in the morning!

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