Do you know what a “kappa” is?

Kappa Japanese Folk Monster


Do you know what a “kappa” is?? Kappa is the name of a youkai or a Japanese folk monster that lived in rivers and ponds, but it refers to a cucumber roll in the context of a sushi restaurant. It is said that a kappa is a green turtle-like monster 🐢, but I wonder what it actually looks like? 🤔 Cucumber rolls are called kappa maki (rolls) in Japanese because cucumbers are said to be kappa’s favorite food. 🥒

Kappa maki roll

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Cucumber Roll 6pcs
cucumber, sesame seeds, rice, nori

The Origin of Kappa Maki Rolls

By the way, the kappa roll was first made in 1947 by a teenage sushi chef in Tokyo. 👨‍🍳 He was a fourth generation chef at a sushi restaurant now with over 150 years of history. It immediately spread all over Tokyo 🗼 even in the cultural environment that highly valued tradition. Nowadays, it’s a standard sushi roll that you can find at any sushi restaurant. 🥢

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