Kalbi (Beef Karubi Yakiniku 4pcs)

Ii Niku No Hi (良い肉の日)

Hello. This is Nozomi from Ten Sushi.

Do you know what day it is today (Nov. 29)??

Today is Good Meat Day🍖!!!

In Japanese, good is “ii“, and meat is “niku“.

November is 11, and 11 can be read as “ii” in Japan, which means good.
And today is 29th, and 2 can be read as “ni” and 9 as “ku” so 29 is “niku“…

GOOD MEAT day✨✨✨

What kind of meat do you like??

I love Kalbi!!!!

Did you know Kalbi means “ribs”??

Kalbi is a Korean dish not Japanese…


I didn’t know that…😳

By the way, we have a Kalbi Udon too!

Order online (Queen Anne) >>

Order online (Factoria Mall) >>

Hope you all enjoy your meat day!

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