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Second blog for this month, how are you guys doing?? Feels like this year we went straight from summer to winter with La Niña coming through.. forget that though, halloween is gonna be amazing, its the only day of the week that will be sunny!! get your candy ready! but dont forget to mask up as well! This time we will be looking back to our live stream that we had, where we interviewed our very own Shin!!


Before we get into the interview, let’s give props to Shin as well as our interviewees who took time off of their busy schedules to come out and make the interview happen! Also, if you want to see the live stream for yourself, you can always check out our youtube channel

It looked like a lot of fun!

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Question 1: Tell us what is most important to you, at Ten sushi!

“The most important thing that I prioritize when I’m working is my customer’s smiles. It makes me the happiest to be able to see my customer’s enjoying our food!”

Question 2: how many years have you been a sushi chef?

“I’ve been a chef for 28 years…” (Wow, I wasn’t even born yet! That’s a lot of experience, despite how young Shin looks!) “I also studied in Japan and worked in places like Hawaii as well during those 28 years!”

Question 3: Did you ever imagine being the owner of 3 restaurants?

“On an honest note, I always considered expansion in the US as one of my goals while I was training in Japan. Even though Japan is a very safe and convenient country and I would have loved to stay there, I always knew in the back of my mind that I would find success if I took the risk to open a store in a foreign area with minimal exposure to sushi!”

Question 4: What are you interested in doing in the future with your company? Do you have any goals or missions?

“For now, I don’t have many plans to expand my business further than three stores… Managing three different stores in three different areas is quite a task! Instead of expansion, I want to focus on taking care of my current customers.. As a business, our priority is to lend a hand to our current local surroundings to help who we can right now! I hope to help people who are struggling during these hard times as much as I can, whether it be through supporting local businesses, or charity.”


“I also hope to connect with the local community through these events, and to make Ten sushi a good place to be happy, as well as become full in tummy!”


“Currently, our Ten sushi community on Facebook is about 60 people total. If we have more people, we hope that in the future, we can grab feedback from the members of the community to lend a helping hand, through methods like donations, or catering businesses if Ten Sushi is past budget.”

Question 5: a personal question from Tomo: your shift is from 10A-3A… do you even have time to sleep?

“At the end of my shift, I clean up and goes home around 4AM, and then I sleep until noon for about 6 or 7 hours.. ” (Us 8 hour sleepers were a little worried for him, but apparently that’s normal for him!)

Question 6: What is your favorite sushi or fish??

“I like the more traditional, not too strongly flavored sushi types. I also like squid!”

Ten Sushi Together

Together We're Strong!

Ten Sushi is committed to support local individuals and businesses by maintaining constant quality of food and services in the safest and healthiest ways possible. Your success is our ultimate success!


The interviewees mentioned that they are very thankful to be part of community, and that if there are any people interested in working with Ten Sushi, all positions including server positions, kitchen helpers, dishwashers, and even sushi chef positions are open!


They closed it off with one final question: How long does it take to become a sushi chef?


“It depends!” Shin surprised us with an interesting answer. “Maybe 1 week!”

“The whole point comes from the fact that being a sushi chef means you are part of the food business — there are different factors such as safety, fish quality control, freshness of food, etc. that all play a part in being a good chef. So long as you are consistently keeping an eye out for all the factors that play a part in keeping your customers safe and happy, you are a sushi chef! It’s not a matter of becoming a sushi chef after a set amount of working hours.. Its more so whether you can follow your responsibility as a sushi chef and stay consistent every day! That is why people say it takes 2-10 years to become a sushi chef.. Because it’s not easy to keep quality consistent, especially with so many things to keep track of!”


And that concludes our interview with Master chef Shin! Tune in for our next event on November 16th — our topic is already set! We have two topics: “West seattle get to know ten sushi restaurant & stuff” (long title!) and “sushi bento”!


Maybe we will get to know more about shin chan or the girls as well!


Thanks to those who tuned in for the event, and those who came to read up on our blog as well!

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