Ikura – Salmon Roe

Do you like Fish Eggs? Ikura?

A Guide to Ikura.

Hello. This is Nozomi from Ten Sushi. 😊 I think ikura looks like beautiful red jewels. Ikura is a word used in Japanese for Salmon Roe. The word ikura derived from the Russian word ikra (икра), which means caviar or fish roe in general. Salmon roe was introduced to Japan by the Russians around 1910. Ikura is marinated in salt or soy sauce. When you eat Ikura, it will pop in your mouth and it will taste a little salty but tasty. It is often used as a garnish because of its pop of color. ✨

In 1934 at a restaurant in Ginza called Kyubey the first ikura gunkanmaki sushi was created. It was requested by a customer who wanted to try something unusual and he asked for an ikura sushi. Thus, the sushi chef Yosuke Imada wrapped sushi rice with seaweed so the salmon roe would not fall and served it to that customer. The customer enjoyed it so much chef Imada decided to put it on the menu. That is when other sushi restaurants started to include ikura gunkanmaki on their menus. 🍣 

There are also various nutritional benefits to eating salmon roe. Fish eggs are rich in anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats and fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin C, D, and E, B12, and selenium, which is great for skin maintenance! 😃 In addition, salmon roe is also high in protein. These nutritional benefits also help the promotion of increased brainpower, fertility, and heart health! 

There is a common pun or dad joke as one might say, that is often said about ikura. 


Ikura wa, ikura desuka”? 

How much is the ikura?

The word ikura means “salmon roe” as well as “how much” (in amount, i.e. currency). 

Ikura - Salmon Roe

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