Japanese Girl’s Day aka Hina Matsuri!

Hina Matsuri


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We’ve already approached February, time has really been flying these days. Did you read up on last time’s blog regarding Valentine’s Day? We have another holiday-related blog, but this time it’s about an event celebrated in Japan in March! We will be talking about Hina Matsuri, so stick around to find out what Hina Matsuri is all about! Also note that we will be hosting a live event regarding this topic, so check that out too! Our events take place every third Tuesday of each month at our Factoria Mall location! (and we make sure to upload the videos on YouTube as well!) so make sure to come visit us if you’re close by and say hi! 

Live Event from Factoria!

Our topic of the month is Hina Matsuri~ we'll be doing the live event on Tuesday, February 15th, please make sure to mark that date and join the live stream (or Join us at Factoria!) to watch us talk about Hina Matsuri and Wagashi!

So What is Hina Matsuri??

Hina Matsuri is also known as Girl’s Day or Girls Festival. It’s celebrated in March, and more often than not Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) are enjoyed during Hina Matsuri and other Japanese traditional festivals!

Fortunately, Seattle’s Japanese culture related scene is quite large with various communities, universities, and groups sharing cultural activities to the public! So make sure to keep an eye out so you can experience Japanese tradition very close to where you live!

Hina Matsuri

How do we celebrate Hina Matsuri?

Most Japanese homes with young girls celebrate this “Girl’s Festival.” Another name is “Doll Festival” since they celebrate it by displaying Hina dolls in their homes for their daughters. Similar to Kodomo no hi (aka Children’s Day or Boy’s Day) Hina Matsuri celebrates growth, happiness, and prosperity. 

Among the many events that take place on Hina Matsuri, there is a tradition to display a doll set. The dolls are called hina dolls, and they are layered into multiple platforms with the highest tier consisting of the emperor and empress. 

Hina Matsuri
Hina Matsuri
Another tradition that takes place on this day is traditional food and desserts. Chirashi is a very common one, as well as rice crackers, sake, and other sweets aka Wagashi! Now if you want to see some traditional emperor and empress cosplay, make sure to check in at our live event where Tomo and Nozomi will be dressed up as hina dolls!! Speaking of Wagashi, y’all are lucky! Let us introduce you to Wagashi because we have some here!!
Wagashi Traditional Japanese Confections

So, what is Wagashi??

Wagashi are Japanese style sweets! Although you might think of candy when you hear the word “sweets”, its a little different from candy. Wagashi is not just sugar, in fact you could say that the sugar portion is a little laid back. It’s hard to explain, but I personally would describe Wagashi as desserts that you’d never get tired of eating because of its variety, craftsmanship, and not-so-insistent taste.

SO if you’re interested in Wagashi, you’d better make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or join our Ten Sushi Seattle Community, because we offer Wagashi flash-mob style! We offer Wagashi provided by none other than Wagashi artist Tokara from the Greenwood area, but she only appears at Ten Sushi periodically. 

Tokara-san, makes traditional Kyoto-style wagashi confections which are all handmade, using centuries-old methods with carefully selected ingredients. 

So if you want to get a hold of some, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss your chance!

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