Handmade Wagashi by Tokara

tokara 12-5-2021

Would you like some sweet wagashi?


Handmade wagashi by Tokara Japanese Confectionery will be available again at our Factoria Mall location this Sunday!

Who is Tokara?

Tokara is a Seattle-based confectionery that prepares only freshly made Japanese sweets known as wagashi. 😋These traditional Kyoto-style confections are crafted to reflect the seasonal changes and the beauty of nature in color, shape, and taste. 🍂 Handmade by Chef Tokara, selections of wagashi echoing the current season of the year – be it spring, summer, fall, or winter – are offered monthly.

Tokara will be back again this Sunday!

This Sunday, December 5th from 2pm to 5pm, Christmas special yokan (red bean paste jelly) and mochi (rice cake) will be sold at our Factoria Mall location for $6.50 per piece (3 pieces for $18 / 5 pieces for $25 / 10 pieces for $45). There will be 100 pieces of them but they sold like hotcakes 🥞 last time we had this in October so mark your calendar 📅 and be sure to arrive early! ⌚

Yokan and mochi cakes specially made for Christmas! 🎄

Apple Pie Yokan

Apple Pie Yokan

agar agar, sugar, white bean, apple, lemon, rasin, cinnamon
寒天、砂糖、白豆、 りんご、レモン、水飴、 レーズン、シナモン

Pecan Mochi

Pecan Mochi

rice flour, sugar, azuki, pecan, potato starch, syrup
米粉、砂糖、小豆、ピー カン、澱粉、水飴

Holiday Cherry Pie Yokan

Cherry Pie Yokan

agar agar, sugar, white bean, cherry compote, lemon, sherry, syrup
寒天、砂糖、白豆、 チェリー、シェリー酒、 レモン、水飴

Ube Yokan

Ube Yokan

agar agar, sugar, white bean, purple potato, Japanese sweet potato, syrup
寒天、砂糖、白豆、 紫芋、水飴、さつま芋

Persimmon Yokan

Persimmon Yokan

agar agar, sugar, white bean, persimmon, lemon, syrup
寒天、砂糖、白豆、柿、 レモン、水飴

Peanut Mochi

Peanut Mochi

rice flour, sugar, peanut butter, salt, peanuts, azuki, syrup 米粉、砂糖、ピーナッツ、
ピーナッツバター、 小豆、澱粉、水飴

Again, we have a limited supply (100 pieces). Be sure to arrive early so you won’t miss out!

📅 Sunday, December 5th
🕑 From 2pm to 5pm (while supplies last)
🥢 Ten Sushi Factoria Square Mall
3928 Factoria Square Mall S.E. #B04,
Bellevue, WA 98006
(425) 747-4413

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