Employee Interview: YURI

Hey Ten Sushi blog readers!

How are you doing? Looks like things are getting much better these days with more businesses gradually returning to normal! Personally, I am in the used car market right now and it looks like things won’t be returning to normal for a while… Prices are over the top and I even heard that it is affecting the bicycle market! I guess it’s great if you’re selling a car but good luck if you’re looking to buy a car like me… Anyways! Let’s talk about the blog topic! THIS WEEK, we will be doing an employee interview!

But Before we start!

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OK, now let’s finally get into the meat…

Todays special guest is.. YURI!

Unfortunately, she won’t be able to work with us for too long, because she will be returning to Japan… so she will be our first employee to interview!!

Yuri Interview!


So Yuri, how did you find ten sushi?

I found Found ten sushi through my internship program at Satomi International Marketing! I was an intern there, and Ten Sushi was one of my clients through this company! So my boss is Shin san, but I also have another boss (Josh san!)

Where are you from?

I’m from Wakayama, Shingu. (She showed us a slideshow and explained the location of where she’s from, the scenery that her hometown offers, and some food and desserts that people come to enjoy)

What was your most memorable moment while you were in the US??

Well, as you may know I’m shy… So my experience at Ten sushi was a very memorable moment! I never even imagined that I would be a personality for a restaurant! Even my parents know how shy I am… They know about my job but they don’t watch our live streams because they know I’ll be embarrassed! lol

Its unfortunate to see you go… What’s your next step?

Well on an honest note, I am still looking for what I want to do moving forward… I would like to return to the US, but I have to return to Japan once (for now.) Anyways, the fact of the matter is that I am always looking for a goal, or should I say something to keep me moving forward.. Even back when I first came to Seattle, it was to learn English and business because that was the goal then.. so moving forward, if I’m lucky enough to find something global (in terms of a career), that shall be my next step. And I shall be back in the US!

Final question… you can be honest! Was shin strict?

No! …? (confused smile)

(you can watch our live stream event on Facebook if you want to see the actual interview!)

Yuri picture collection!

Yuri gifting time!

To close it off, it looks like our employees brought gifts for Yuri before her departure.. how sweet!

Shin's gift - Flowers!

Shin had a batch of flowers ready for Yuri! This was right after the final interview question, I wonder how Shin would've reacted if Yuri had said Shin was a strict boss!

Nozomi - Candyyy!

lots of chocolate!! who would've guessed, its a gift from our #1 chocolate loving employee after all~ Maybe she had some chocolate to spare because it was right after halloween, otherwise I'm sure she would have kept it all for herself!

Josh - Thank you Video

The final solid closure was a thank you video from Yuri's boss! He took time off of his schedule just to make a video for her. What an amazing boss!

All in all, it’s always sad to see people go.. But in the case of Yuri, she will be back in the US some day! We’ll miss you, we will all be waiting for your return! Thank you for being an awesome employee at Ten Sushi!!!

And that concludes our first employee interview.. tune in next time for part 2!

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