Ebi Sushi

Boiled Shrimp is one of the cooked Sushi we serve.

Ebi is Japanese for shrimp and/or prawn.

The specific shimp that is most used for sushi is usually the kuruma shimp, AKA Japanese tiger prawn. There are various types of ebi sushi that are made. For example, ebi nigiri, ebi maki-zushi, fried ebi sushi, etc. Ebi plays a fundamental role in Japanese cuisine and requires the highest level of freshness. At high end restaurants they are kept alive in tanks before eating, some are purchaced and prepared in the morning to be refrigerated until served, or pre-cooked and frozen until used. The best season to eat ebi starts in spring and ends in autumn. In late autumn shrimps and prawns begin to build up fat pockets for the winter, which increase their flavor.

Popular ebi variants used in Sushi.

In sushi there are a few popular ebi species that are used often. For example, botan ebi, ama ebi, and kuruma ebi. Botan ebi is similar in taste to ama ebi. Although botan ebi is plumper, they are both sweet in taste. Kuruma ebi is strong in umami and has a well-balanced sweetness. 

Ebi nigiri prep

Do you know how this shrimp prepared?

If you try to boil the shrimp It won’t be straight like this shrimp.
To make straight shrimp you need to stick wooding stick into shrimp. This will avoid shrimp to shrink. After shrimp is completely cooked dump the shrimp into iced water, so shrimp will stay straight.

If you try this at home and let me know how you did! 😊 

Boiled Shrimp 2pcs Nigiri

Boiled shrimp, sushi rice

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