What holiday signifies that winter will come to an end?

The holiday of Easter is the perfect cue to winter’s end.

Easter 2022 occurs on Sunday, April 17. However, Easter can fall on different dates each year.


The signifying of spring’s arrival is shown through its history and the origin of the name Easter, as well as the day on which Easter is celebrated. Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrated the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

However, much like other major holidays like Christmas and Halloween, they have evolved blending together Christian, non-Christian, and pagan elements. I myself have not celebrated Easter since I was a child, but when we did we had Easter egg hunts in the park. 

The day on which Easter is on is related to the full moon and the spring equinox. The spring equinox is when the sun is exactly above the equator and day and night are of equal length. The spring equinox also known as the beginning of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. Why was this day chosen? Spring gives a sense of excitement to those who are waiting for the short, cold, winter days to end. Spring also is the season for the growth of new plants and the birth of babies in the animal world. Therefore, this season was perfect to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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More on Easter Symbolism

There is also symbolism in the name Easter. Easter is thought to be from a goddess that predates Christianity called Eostre. Eostre is the Germanic goddess of dawn also known as the spring goddess who was celebrated during the spring equinox.

Thus, Easter has come to signify the end of winter and the coming of spring excitement/hope for many people.


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