Try our popular Dragon Roll

Dragon roll~~~🐉

This is another one of our rolls that carries us.

I mean it’s Buy One Get One FREE so I guess it makes sense why it’s so popular😄

HERE is what I think: sushi culture is still in development in the US.

Part of the reason is that there isn’t much of a custom in the US for eating fish raw.

It’s not that I took a survey to see how many people eat raw fish or anything, but from the seven years that I have been working with the industry, I feel that only about 1 in 3 people actually eat raw fish around here.

This explains why the prepared dishes are so much more popular.
I’m not saying that you HAVE to eat sushi raw in order to enjoy and experience sushi by any means! You can enjoy prepared dishes just as much as raw dishes.

Our objective is to reach out to the larger crowd after all!

Prepared dishes are just as much considered ‘sushi’ as raw dishes!

What matters is the taste! And Japanese people approve of our dishes so what more approval do we need😆

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