Deep-Fried Roll

Have you tried a deep-fried roll before?

If you have never tried one yet, try our crunchy California roll.

It is tempura fried California roll. Just like the name, it is perfect for when you want something crunchy. The inside is same as California roll so it is a crab, mayo, cucumber and avocado roll. The roll is then fried with tempura batter. Tempura batter does not use any breadcrumbs and contains less grease than other frying methods. Tempura batter is generally made from egg, flour, and cold water.

This method of frying was introduced by the Portuguese in the 1600s. Now the original dish in Portugal does not exist. This drying method was used on a Christian holy day called Lent. The name tempura is Latin for ‘in the time of Lent’, It is thought that tempura was mistaken for the dish’s name.

Today in Japan mostly vegetables are tempura fried and occasionally sushi. However, fried sushi is more commonly found abroad.

The Origin of California roll

As for the California roll it was actually not invented in California. It was invented in Canada by a Japanese chef called Tojo Hidekazu. He noticed that some customers at his restaurant did not order anything raw and some were hesitant to eat seaweed. Tojo then decided to create a roll that would cater to these customers. At first it was called the Tojo roll but since the roll was a hit with vacationers from California, it is more commonly known as the California roll. 

We also have other deep-fried roll, but I’ll tell you about it another day.
Let me now what do you think about this roll. 👍 


Crunchy California Roll

Tempura Fried Roll, Real Crab Mayo, Avocado, Cucumber, Mayo.

Order online at Queen Anne or Factoria Mall 🛒

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