Crunchy Salmon Roll but not only crunchy

Good evening!
This is Shin from Ten Sushi 🍣 

Crunchy salmon roll – this stuff is spicy🔥🔥🔥

We mix our salmon in our homemade spicy sauce recipe, along with fresh jalapenos to add to the spice.

We’ve talked about how this stuff is pretty spicy in one of our previous posts, but we go all out with the addition of jalapenos…

The first time I tried this for myself…


I had to take it slow🤣

But then I look at my customers and they all be eating like: mmm, pretty good! 😋

Seattle people at their finest I guess 🙄

If you’re down for a challenge, this is our spiciest dish we offer …

We have a secret spicy option as well for those willing to face the true boss… just let us know and we’ll have it ready🔥

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