Cleaning with Vinegar

Hi, this, is Nozomi from Ten Sushi.

Did you know you can use vinegar for cleaning? I use vinegar for cleaning sometimes. Vinegar is often used for cleaning. It helps when you are cleaning a greasy kitchen. It also helps with cleaning toilettes, stained coffee machines, microwaves, and also your feet! There are many places and things that you can clean with vinegar.

But why is vinegar good for cleaning?

Vinegar is made from acetic acid. The acidic nature of vinegar is so powerful, and it can dissolve grime, bathroom mold, dirt, and grease. It’s also strong enough to kill bacteria, but it is nontoxic, so it is safe for you, your family, and your pets!

How can I use vinegar for cleaning?

You can mix water and vinegar 1:1 in a spray bottle and that is it! Now you can spray where you want to clean and use it like soap water. However, you cannot just use any kind of vinegar.

White vinegar is the best for cleaning. Other kinds of vinegar can contain sugar and other ingredients, that can cause stickiness after use. It also does not contain any coloring agent. Therefore, it would not stain your surfaces.

Can I use it to clean anything?

Unfortunately, you cannot clean everything with vinegar. The exceptions are silver, stainless steel, stone, granite, marble, limestone, dishwashers, washing machines, and flooring. Also, vinegar is good at cleaning windows but not electronic screens. It can damage the anti-glare on screens such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Please use vinegar at your own risk. Vinegar can damage some of the surfaces in your home so please be careful when you use them.
Be sure not to use vinegar with chlorine-based detergents because it can generate toxic gases when combined.

Did you know vinegar is also good for your diet?? I’ll write about this in the next blog!

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