Good evening! This is Shin, from Ten Sushi 🍣 

Have you ever wondered why Ten Sushi sells Churros of all types of Japanese desserts?

We could be selling Japanese desserts like Andonatsu, pancake, Taiyaki, etc.

What’s your guess?

A: because it’s popular in America
B: because we get a lot of Spanish customers
C: because it’s easy to make

And now, for the correct answer!
The answer was D: because people think of churros when they think of Tokyo Disneyland!

Sorry, better luck next time😆

Have you been to Disneyland in Tokyo before?

Unlike Disneyland over here, it’s quite literally PACKED most of the time. Expect to wait at least 1-2 hours per ride🤦

It can’t really be helped since it’s a place where dreams come true, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if my dreams will really come true being that overcrowded…

When I think back to when I was there, all I can remember is walking endless circles while eating churros…

And this is why I won’t wait in line for churros. Ima just hit up Ten Sushi where it won’t take 2 hours to make my dreams come true🪄

Now, somehow Churros remind me of Japan.. is this just me🤔?

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