Chirashi: My Favorite Chirashi Sushi Recipe

Chirashi (part 2: ingredients & brief recipe)

Hello again,

Here is my grand mother’s Chirashi recip that I mentioned in the previous blog (please check out part 1 for its history). Chirashi is more known as a sashimi (sliced raw fish)-over-rice bowl here in the U.S., but the recipe here is for a traditional Chirashi Sushi with multiple ingredients that are usually cooked with a soy-based flavoring. 😋

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The meanings behind the ingredients.

Shrimp – Shrimp, written in Japanese is 海老 🦐. The word consists of two parts, ocean and aging respectively. Put together, it reads ebi. Shrimp, which have bent backs symbolize old age due to their similarity to elderly people who also have curved backs.

Lotus root – Lotus root, known as Renkon in Japanese, have cylindrical holes that reach across the root. Because of this, they symbolize being able to see through a good future🔭

String beans – Beans (Mame) in Japanese has two meanings; the first being “beans”, and the second being “diligence”. The connotation that the word holds in this context is “to work diligently, so that you grow up to be strong and sturdy 🌱

Golden egg – The thin-cut eggs symbolize prosperity ✨

Carrot – Carrots symbolize stability due to its strong roots 🌳

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The Process:

① First off, we start off with the base: the Sumeshi. Sumeshi is basically freshly cooked rice mixed with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. 🍚 👵 She said the important part in mixing the rice is to mix it as if you are cutting the rice rather than mixing with a circular motion. She also mentioned how she cools it down with a fan whilst mixing. 

② Next we prepare the ingredients. Cut the string beans and carrots. 🥕 The string beans, carrots and the shrimp are to be boiled in salt water (until the color changes) 🍤

③ Meanwhile, the Kanpyo and Shiitake will be prepared with a soy-based flavoring. 🍄 Bake the Kanpyo and Shiitake in a Soy sauce, sugar, and sake based mixture.

As for the Kanpyo, they usually come dried out. Keep it in water beforehand until its soft again.

④ The lotus root is prepared using rice vinegar and salt, and is placed in boiling water for about a minute ⏳

⑤ As for the egg, the result will be in the shape of thin slices (like string). 🥚 First beat the egg and pour it (like crepe) on a heated pan. The egg should be a very thin layer (about 0.2mm). It should be very quick to go solid. Once finished, cut the sheet of egg into thin portions (like string)

⑥ Finally we have the Salmon. The goal is to make it “flakey”. We begin by Frying the salmon until it is fully cooked. Once its done, put it in a food processor (or stab with a fork) until it becomes Flakey. 🍳

⑦ Now that we have everything read, we’re ready to put everything together. Since we don’t have any government regulations for having fancy food anymore, we don’t have to hide our ingredients. She said the layout is quite simple. Lay down the Sumeshi, and from there its up to your creativity! Make it look pretty so that it looks colorful! 😋

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As you may have noticed, the recipe was quite brief… You might have trouble making Chirashi, just based off of this blog… but don’t worry! We will be holding an online event in which we will actually make chirashi! Be sure to join us (>>>join) for that event if you’re interested!!

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