California Roll

Hello! This is Shin from Tensushi.


Quick question: have you had California Rolls before?


Obviously you have!

Maybe there are some of you who haven’t it before in the US.


Now that I think about it, maybe there are more Japanese people that haven’t had it before..




Because they don’t have California rolls over in Japan.

Nigiri, Hosomaki, chirashi, oshizushi – these are the fundamentals.

California roll is considered a “Fusion” sushi.

Then how did such this so-called “California roll” become famous?

Let’s go for a little history lesson.


From the American point of view, sushi was not widely known. (yet)

Authentic Japanese Sushi wasn’t well received back in the days.

And that’s how this roll found its path to fame.


Did you know that Mexican “Burritos” also have a similar background?

These are also “fusion” — they didn’t have “Burritos” over there.


We knew that Americans don’t eat fish raw, and that Soy sauce alone is not enough flavor.

BUT, there was the fact that avocado and crab were pretty well known… so naturally, people were like:

“Maybe I’ll give it a try!”

This is how the sushi rolled (haha, get it?)


So this, ladies and gentlemen, is the california roll.

At Ten Sushi, we strive to provide a constant line of food as conveniently as possible in order to support our locals and community.

Our california rolls are the CHEAPEST anywhere at a price of $4.99 and available until 3:00AM at night!

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