Feel the speed with Big Red Corvette

Good evening! It’s Shin, from Ten Sushi👋

Today I’d like to introduce our special roll – the Big Red Corvette

Yeah, like the car Corvette!
Their first model was released in the 1950s, and they’re continuing even today with their latest model being the 8th generation model.
I remember even in Japan, many people dreamed of owning a corvette.

Heres my personal take on the car:

First off, I love the size of the car. It gives off an American vibe, because Japanese cars aren’t made as wide as corvettes.
Not to mention the silhouette of the body; is feel like corvettes are a very good representation of what a sports car should look like.
The current generation seems to be pushing more, RVs and “eco-friendly” cars and what-not, so…

I’m not saying your average prius sucks, don’t get me wrong! I respect your choice if that is what works for you.

BUT some people, at times, need that feeling of oomph that comes only from driving one of those cars where you step on the gas and it makes you feel like, “I am speed”🔥🔥🔥

So if you happen to be feeling like speed, we have the “Big Red Corvette”

It comes with a line of fresh Tuna topped with avocado, cream cheese, Tobiko, and snow crab.
Not to mention the volume! It’s quite the deal.

Come check it out, here at Ten Sushi!

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