Aburi (Seared) Salmon Roll

Aburi (Seared) Salmon Roll

Good evening, it’s shin from Ten sushi!

Today we’ll be discussing our flagship – the Aburi salmon roll.
It’s been 7 years since our opening, and it has always been one of our most popular rolls 🍣

The roll contains snow crab mixed in with shrimp tempura and mayo.
On the outside, we have fresh salmon with spicy sauce, seared with a burner for the grilled texture.
Finally, the roll is topped with lemon and jalapeño.
And there you have it, our signature seared salmon roll.

Let’s put it straight – this roll was our cash machine. But during the 2020 lockdown, we made it buy one get one free.

Some of my employees asked me:
Why Shin??? Don’t you want to make money??

Yes, but.. I wanted to do my part to help those who are struggling.

Honestly, I didn’t know what would happen to the store, moving forward…😔 We couldn’t even allow dine-in, and that was how most of our customers visited us.

But that’s why we made the decision. If we’re struggling, then everyone else must be struggling too.
Regardless of profit, I thought that if we can’t support our city in times like these, we won’t be able to support our customers moving forward either way.

So going forward, we hope that we can help our community by always providing a reasonable price for your food!

Thanks for your support✨

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